Nestled amongst the unspoilt beauty of the Cradle of Human Kind on an internationally famous Rose and Peach farm, lies Laurentia Specimen Angling Lake.

Many well known, experienced Specimen Anglers visit our lake on a regular basis to outwit our hard fighting Common and Mirror Carp which were introduced back in the 1950s and have since grown to well over 8 16 kgs in weight.

Braai (barbecue) facilities are placed at each of our seven swims, with toilets and showers conveniently situated nearby. The general ambience around the lake is one of total peace and quiet. Natural waterfowl, otter and fish eagle can be seen regularly. At night the howl of jackals can be heard, so too the roar of lions from the nearby Lion Park and the nocturnal sugar cane mammals and rabbits, which pass close to anglers fishing spots.

The lake was originally built to irrigate the existing rose and peach orchards. It has a hard gravel bottom in certain areas as well as silt beds in the deeper areas. Carp of between 8 - 16 kgs are regularly caught as well as Black Bass of between 2 4 kgs.

Rules around the lake are strict, as our fish care and safety standards are very high. These are primarily to protect and ensure the longevity and survival of the resident fish, as well as that of the sport itself.

NO conventional angling methods are allowed at all.

Bookings are compulsory and essential, as swims are very quickly filled by Specimen Anglers each weekend. Anglers and visitors who want to come and have a look, must phone first to arrange a visit. NO ONE is allowed to enter the lake area without permission or a booking.

Click here to contact us for any further info.

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